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Step One: Scoping & Documentation

When it comes to creating your product, think partner not agency

At Satina, we truly believe our clients’ success is our success. So, how do we take your idea and turn it into a scalable, marketable, and profitable digital product? It’s a journey that starts with the very first phone call. Every step of the way we are there beside you, making sure that you are a part of the process of building something incredible together.

Over the past ten years, we have honed our methodology and app development process to what we know not only guarantees you a successful app launch—but puts you on the path for long-term success as well.

Phase One: Scoping & Documentation

We carefully scope out your project from start-to-finish by defining all of the design and development requirements of your digital product. This part of our technical partnership is very collaborative, and it happens before any contract is signed.

We want to ensure that you feel 100% confident before moving forward, and that you will receive everything that you have asked for—as well as the things you didn’t know to ask for.

We will work with you to optimize your budget and timeline based on the features and functionality that are the most important to bring your application to life. Everything we lay out together here sets the stage so that we can hit the ground running when we enter into Phase Two.