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CanTho Self order kiosk


Restaurants worldwide want to make meaningful investments in technology and business process automation to be major winners in the industry. Convenience for customers and resource efficiency for restaurateurs are the main aims driving restaurateurs to develop mobile apps and automate business processes. Famous chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Wendy’s have recognized the importance of technology and user demand for it, implementing mobile tech and self-order kiosks. This technology can deliver customer orders to the kitchen, reduce wait times via online ordering, and improve the overall customer experience with a brand.


We developed an application for five self-ordering kiosks to help Can Tho serve customers faster and the restaurant’s staff use their time more efficiently. Each Can Tho kiosk consists of a table, payment terminal, and wireless printer so customers can browse the menu, order, customize dishes, pay for an order, and get a receipt in one place.


The idea behind Can Tho

Damien Toulouse, the owner of a Vietnamese restaurant in Brussels called Can Tho, wanted to create a restaurant with an innovative user experience to attract customers and grow brand loyalty, taking a waiter- and cash-free approach. Damien contacted us with an idea to build an application for the kiosks that would automate business processes at their restaurant. These kiosks would offer self-service ordering and a point of sale system.

Building an Android-powered self-service kiosk for a fast food restaurant in Belgium


Food Ordering

Pos intergration

VAT-box intergration

Self- ordering kios