Bank on the Go Anytime, Anywhere

Bank on the Go Anytime, Anywhere

Satina’s banking software developers implement custom mobile banking solutions for financial institutions and clients. We make it workable for mobile banking software providers to customize features such as pay electronic bills, online check deposits, pay P2P,  trade between accounts, texting message, downloading and printing. Our mobile finance solves your banking problems easily.

Customized Mobile Banking App

We develop original mobile banking apps for iOS and Android, taking advantage of cross- platform development tools such as Xamarin or PhoneGap. Our mobile banking application provides feature easily navigable UI and speedy UX to enhance customer journeys on smartphones, tablets and handed devices. We program familiar features, like personal financial management, and developed qualities, like virtual agents.

CORE Banking System Integration

We combine mobile banking apps with a financial institution’s existing back-end CORE banking system, using RESTful APIs, which we are able to interact seamless cross-channel. The integration offers the convenience of multiple banking features, such as transfer funds between accounts fastly, access bank statements and name debit and credit cards for identification.

Mobile Banking Security Solutions

Security is a highest concern when Satina’s developers create mobile banking apps. We deploy advanced security features to protect transactional data by using SSL encryption, Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS), device registration and two-factor authentication (2FA). We can utilize a native device’s hardware for biometric verification using Fingerprint ID, voice, facial recognition or a gesture-based password method.

Check Remote Deposit Capture

Scan checks from your mobile device and posit money quicker with remote deposit feature. We grow Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) modules integrated with your device’s camera function to allow for check truncation and conversion of checks into ACH transactions in compliance with Check 21 mandates. We also develop custom integrations with CRMs to deliver confirmation emails and in-app messaging.

Mobile Banking Bill Pay

Satina’s bill pay solutions consist enterprise payment environments that capture customer insights can build tailored products for consumers and businesses. We permit data extractions using advanced image processing and data matching technology to work on devices and exactly photographed bills. We create custom integrations with Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) and Electronic Invoice and Presentment (EIPP).

Text Message Mobile Banking

Our developers design SMS API integrations with banks for access to financial accounts text messaging. Ascertain available balance, checking lastest tradements, credit card account details and further by a simple text. Designated short code with the appropriate banking command is used to provide up-to-date account information.